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Industrial zone Zmič


Basic data:
Net area: 38ha 62a 90m2
Location – 2 km away from the town center, between E-75 highway (Corridor 10) and international rail line, 226 m away from the regional road R-214.
Possibility for construction of a 2 km rail-track with terminal to connect the Industrial Zone with the Central Railway Station in Paraćin (main railway Beograd-Niš)
Note: industrial production, trade, catering, craftship, other servicing activities
Zone shape trapezoid 670 x 728m
Altitude: 122.50 – 123.30m
– Municipality of Paraćin Is the beneficiary.
– industrial production, trade, hotel business, services.
Lease conditions: 80 years
Price: presently adjusting prices in accordance with law


In the first stage construction, 15,94 ha will be made available for the following purposes.
- A stage - 4,84 ha (industrial premises)
- B stage - 3,65 ha (industrial premises)
- C stage - 0,97 ha (admin. premises)
- D stage - 0,44 ha (planted areas)
- E stage - 0,62 ha (parking slots)
II phase
A Industrial buildings 7.96ha
B Parking lot 0.42ha
C Green areas

Measurement unit for lease is ‘’module’’ area 0,23ha (48 X 48) meters‏. Number of modules in the entire complex amounts to 135

Image Image

Finished plan of the detailed regulation and all needs technical documentation
Finished the infrastructure to the point of the entrance to the industrial zone: road,waterworks, sewage, electricity, telecommunications, gas
Constructed Transform power station of the power TS 2 x 630 KVA

Capacity of utility installations:

Water: Ǿ 200 mm PVC pipes connected to the pressure-raising plant, Ǿ 100 mm PVC pipes from the pressure-raising unit, through the Industrial Zone
Minimum pressure: 1.5 bar - Maximum pressure: 3.5 bar

- 2 pump stations
- Ǿ 300 mm main sewer line running along roads I and VI, and entrance to the Industrial Zone
- Ǿ 200 mm secondary sewer lines within the Industrial Zone

Rain drainage:
- Ǿ 200 mm on the roads throughout the Industrial Zone to the melioration channel

1200 m3/h capacity, 3.5 bar pressure

Investment Location Database - SIEPA - Industrial zone ''Zmič'' 

Average time for getting the construction permits
Location permit                                   7-30 days
Building permit                                      2-3 day
Utilization permit                                 to 7 days

Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency, SIEPA

Contact us:

Saša Paunović
Mayor, Municipality of Paraćin
a. 10 Tome Živanovića, 35250 Paraćin, Serbia
t. + 381 35 563-007, f. + 381 35 563-165
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Jasmina Vidović
Head of Local Economic Development Office and Diaspora
t. + 381 35 565-720, f. + 381 35 563-165, m. + 381 63 438-745
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